Kevin Forbes is a charismatic, energetic and fitness professional whose passion is helping others create and sustain a healthy lifestyle through building habits for the future, pushing them past their comfort zone and by breaking any boundaries in place.

Kevin has worked in the fitness industry for many years and his areas of practice include training his private clientele both individually and in groups, creating group fitness programs (CAYA, Boot Camps, Circuit training programs), designing programs for both big box gyms and videos (Daniel Plan, Renaissance, Qignition), and developing training programs. He has been in multiple media spots as an on screen personality and is also a community ambassador working with the local churches and foster youth programs.

Kevin Forbes has impacted and helped thousands build a healthy, fun and joyful lifestyle by providing them with functional tools such as training programs, nutrition plans, and a innovative, positive perspective towards health and fitness. As a health consultant, Kevin Forbes strives to encourage his clientele and invests in his business model “Life With Forbes” with the goal of creating healthy lifestyles and “doing life together.”