You can’t have both. Meet Forbes Fitness clients who are living proof that hard work and dedication (and an incredible personal trainer) pays off.


CAschenbach“After getting “mad” in the best way possible. I was seeking a trainer to help me change my my physical well being and overall health. I was introduced to Kevin through a friend who has been working with him for some time. Kevin helped me set goals that were realistic for me and for this journey I was beginning. Over the course of about 10 months, I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin weekly. I have lost over 30 lbs! With his guidance, encouragement and support I have been able to make this change in my life realistically happen. Nutrition and movement have become something that I now incorporate into my daily life. Mentally, I feel like I am able to push myself through a good workout and maintain my willpower to eat well.

Kevin has been wonderful to work with! He always comes ready with a good workout planned for me and is also ready to push me through it!”

~Courtney Aschenbach


MHenry“I started training with Kevin about 2 years ago. I liked his enthusiasm as soon as I met him and decided that my own workouts could use a shake-up with a fresh perspective. Kevin didn’t disappoint and never has. Unlike many club trainers, he has always listened very carefully to what I’d like to achieve and has consistently kept our workouts fresh, even after two years. It always feels like we are doing something different, whether it’s types of exercises, pacing, or both. I would recommend Kevin to anyone and plan to continue training with him for the foreseeable future. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in probably ten years and Kevin is a big part of that. He isn’t just my trainer, I’m proud to say he’s also a friend.”

~Michael Henry


JCross“My goal when hiring a trainer was to get in shape and remain injury free while doing so. I started training with Kevin two years ago at age 53 and have lost 30 lbs and 15% body fat. Kevin’s enthusiasm and positive attitude are what make his workouts seem less like work and more like play. Kevin always comes prepared to each training session with a new routine. In the last two years, I don’t think we have ever done the same workout twice. He is knowledgable and extremely attentive during training. He is always focused on the workout and getting the job done. I am very grateful for his support with helping me achieve my fitness goals.”

~Jim Cross