Benefits of Rowing Machines

benefits-of-rowing-machinesAs boutique fitness studios and classes strive to innovate and compete with one another, one recent trend has been group rowing classes. Many claim that rowing is the new spin. Because of this, the benefits of rowing machines are being focused on more than ever. Could rowing be a good choice to suit your work out routine? Let us go over some of the benefits of rowing machines to help you decide.

Foremost, one of the most obvious benefits of rowing machines is that it is both cardiovascular and strength-building in nature. If you are looking to maximize your time at the gym, this is a good place to start.

For anyone looking to accomplish pain management in fitness, look to the benefits of rowing machines. If you have tweaked muscles or have a reoccurring injury, this smooth movement can be a way to burn some calories without taking a toll on the body. Rowing is a low impact way to get cardio in without placing any strain on common trouble areas like joints, knees or lower back. A gentle pace does not jostle the body as a treadmill would.

Benefits of rowing machines extend to the entire body. Many mistakenly believe that rowing machines are primarily an upper body workout. However, when done properly, the entire core is engaged throughout. The legs push off first, with 70% of the boat’s power coming from the glutes and legs. Think the equivalent of hundreds of leg presses from a 45 minute session. Quads, hamstrings, calves, back, shoulders, abs, obliques, biceps and triceps are other muscle groups which are included in the benefits of rowing machines.

The smooth, rhythmic movement of rowing allows you to focus on your breath and keeping a steady pattern of inhaling and exhaling. It is almost meditative, similar to yoga, in the way it provides a great environment to breathe steadily. With this as a focus, stress and anxiety can evaporate and be replaced with the calm routine of rowing. Envision yourself out in nature for a zen experience.

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