The Benefits of Swimming


Looking to change it up from your typical weight routine or standard cardio? Learn about the benefits of swimming as exercise, and consider hopping in the pool. Whether you are looking to get started with working out, or you simply want to change it up, I am sure you can find convincing in the facts below.

Muscle Toning and Strengthening

Muscle toning and strengthening serves as one of the benefits of swimming as exercise. Water is about twelve times as dense as air. This means that as you move your body through the water with swimming, as opposed to moving through the air with running or other exercise, there is more resistance. Resistance, of course, is the primary way to build muscle and strength. Just look to any professional swimmer as evidence!

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

A second one of the benefits of swimming as exercise is that it allows from an aerobic workout that does not jolt your skeletal system with any impact. The body, when submerged in water, becomes much lighter. For those who are overweight, recovering from injury or suffer from chronic muscle and joint soreness or stiffness, solace can be found in swimming. Not only does it not add stress to the body, but it relieves stress, allowing those in pain to feel better.

Drastic Improvement to Physical Health

Another one of the benefits of swimming as exercise is drastic improvement to overall health. It seems that when it comes to any health issue or disease, a study has been done to correlate swimming with a reduced risk. For example, the American Heart Association has reported that those who swim 30 minutes per day reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 40%. There is a much lower risk of diabetes; improvements are made to high blood pressure and cholesterol. With the cardiovascular work in the moist air, those who suffer from asthma and allergies find their symptoms reduced with swimming.

Mental Health Benefits

Personally I find that getting in the pool is stress and distraction free. There is something calming about the water. You do not experience that same intensity as working out in the weight room. Yet your muscles still experience intensity. No matter what, any type of exercise results in increased endorphins, so improved mood is a guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Summer may be over, but given the benefits of swimming as exercise there is no reason to get out of the pool just yet.