Transformation Tuesday


One trend that is particular to the fitness industry is “Transformation Tuesday.” Each Tuesday, you can be sure social media feeds will be full of examples of those who have gone through personal transformations. Strides made in weight loss and muscle gain are often visible focus of these transformations.

However, I want to highlight a different area of focus for Transformation Tuesday. I believe that many of the examples we see emphasize the individual and the particular journey of how that person was able to overcome their own challenges personally. This fails to acknowledge what I believe should be two important considerations in any transformation. First, we must remember that we are transformed foremost by (and hopefully for) God. Second, once we have experienced a transformation, we are equipped with the resources to be able to encourage others to participate in their own transformation and we must look beyond the self to do so.

Transformed By God

Any Transformation Tuesday or other type of life change is not possible without God on our side. Ultimately, we are not in the driver’s seat, as the image above may suggest. It is only through Him that we are able to find the strength to overcome habits that we are trying to change with our transformations. We must make sure that we are asking Him for assistance. We also must be sure that we are thanking Him for his blessing in the delivery of such assistance. Understanding how our transformations are key in providing value to the Kingdom is an important aspect of Transformation Tuesday that I think goes amiss.

Transforming Others

Any time that we have gone through a positive life change, as is generally the case with Transformation Tuesday, we should then be motivated to pass along the positivity to others. It is okay to share your Transformation Tuesday story. However, as you do so, try to do it with the perspective of sharing with others to help encourage and motivate them, rather than for your own personal verification. Make a habit of knowing the goals and dreams of your friends. Reveal yours to them. This will help you all keep each other accountable and on track towards any kind of transformation – each and every day. Uplift them in their times of struggle. Congratulate them in their times of victory.

To sum up: Transformation Tuesday is not just about the self. Balance your perspective by keeping in touch with how God transforms you, and how you can help transform others.