Motivation For Working Out


We all have those days. Maybe you just cannot drag yourself out of bed in the morning. Or maybe you do not have the energy after a long day at work. Whatever the scenario is, we are probably all guilty of losing motivation for working out and saying, “I do not want to go to the gym today.”

So what do you do when you hit this point? How do you remain positive and motivated? This is the very question I recently asked some of my friends. I polled a few people on the best response they have heard to “I do not want to go to the gym today.” What is the best motivation for working out that they have come across? Some of the answers I gathered are found below. I hope that when you need motivation for working out, you will come visit these ideas and succeed in overcoming whatever may be holding you back.

  • “A lot of times at my gym I see a man in a wheelchair giving it his all. I think to myself, ‘If this guy can make it to the gym and push himself, there should be no reason why I cannot as well.’”
  • “I just remind myself that I have never regretted a work-out. Even if it seems like I do not feel like going to the gym, I remember that once I am actually there I am never unhappy about it.”
  • ¬†“If I start feeling that I do not have any motivation for working out, I immediately text some friends and see if any of them want to go to the gym. The accountability of going with someone combined with the fun and social aspect of hanging out with a friend instantly¬†increases the chances of a successful work-out.”
  • “I record my work-out days on a calendar. Seeing streaks of many days in a row and wanting to continue that gives just as much motivation for working out as seeing streaks where I have not been as dedicated and wanting to change that.”
  • “I tell myself ‘do it for your mind.’ It is so easy to focus on the way fitness transforms our bodies and forget the benefits of stress relief and happiness that come with it. Usually my ‘excuse’ is something like I am too busy or stressed out so this combats that directly.”
  • “It may seem simple, but sometimes if I just put on my gym clothes and shoes, I find motivation for working out. Either that, or my roommate asks me if I am headed to the gym, to which I reply ‘yes’ and then my mind has been made up for me.”

How do you find motivation for working out? Leave your positive and encouraging tips in a comment below!