Tony Horton Kitchen At 7-Eleven


We can no doubt all relate to making a poor nutrition choice at 7-Eleven. Whether it’s on a road trip, in a late night moment of weakness or just because it’s the easiest stop you can find, 7-Eleven can be a go-to destination for a quick snack. Convenience stores have their name for a reason, after all.

What if there were a way to make healthy, nutritious choices at 7-Eleven? I am not talking about the lesser of evils in selecting the chips with the lowest calorie content. No, thanks to the introduction of Tony Horton Kitchen at 7-Eleven, options for freshness and energy are becoming available.

If you are not familiar with Tony Horton, he is the creator of p90X fitness. The Tony Horton Kitchen foods were once only available through home delivery. Now, they are being tested at 104 locations across the greater Los Angeles Area.

Tony Horton Kitchen at 7-Eleven consists of cold pressed juices containing celery, kale, apple, clover sprouts, wheatgrass, lemon, lime and other produce. A spicy quinoa salad makes the menu as well. For something a little more hearty, you will find grilled chicken and roasted turkey sandwiches. These come on whole-grain bread with fruit based condiments such as pomegranate dressing and blueberry mustard. Wraps will additionally be offered. Spicy black bean hummus and vegetables mingle with turkey for a wrap that no doubt promises protein.

It will be neat to see if Tony Horton Kitchen at 7-Eleven kicks off a whole movement of health food options at convenience stores and fast food joints. Green smoothies and grilled veggies from the late night drive-thru? You never know.

Have you tried any of the products from the Tony Horton Kitchen at 7-Eleven line? Leave a comment below – I would love to hear your thoughts on the experience.